For all my Republican friends who may be reminiscing fondly about Ronald Reagan, I offer my own memories. I remember…

  • A guy who raised taxes 11 times,
  • Increased the size of the government,
  • Promised to eliminate government cabinets but actually added a couple,
  • Promised organized school prayer, criminalization of abortion, and the end of racial equalization but (thank Eris) never delivered,
  • Was the only administration not to raise the minimum wage,
  • Ignored AIDS until one of his wife’s friends (Rock Hudson) was diagnosed,
  • Argued for tuition tax credits,
  • And, finally, a man whose son recently revealed his dad had Alzheimer’s *before* he was elected President and never revealed it to the public.

Just like every other man or woman walking the face of the Earth, Reagan was no saint. He was complicated, he compromised, he succeeded and he failed. 

And he had to pull down his pants and sit on the shitter just like the rest of us.


Reagan Reminiscing
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