RinCon is next weekend! If you are in the area, be sure to show up! I’m running a whole ton of events. We’ll have a booth and a demo table and I’ll be running around making trouble.

We’ll also have THE SHOTGUN DIARIES larp ongoing throughout the convention!

(And who knows… I may have some secret playtests of Curse of the Yellow Sign, Act III and Blood & Shadows…)

So, show up, get your game on and let’s have some fun!

Game Design with John Wick
Starts at: Friday 4pm
Ends at: Friday 6pm

Got a game idea? Want to turn it into a game? Show up and talk with award-winning game designer John Wick about every step of the process from concept to playtest to production.

Houses of the Blooded: Play with the Creator
Starts at: Friday 6pm
Ends at: Friday 10pm

Romance. Revenge. Betrayal. Want to learn how to play? Play with the guy who wrote the game! Table top session.

Blood & Tears: The Houses of the Blooded Larp
Starts at: Saturday 6pm
Ends at: Saturday 10pm
Last year’s Houses of the Blooded LARP was the event everyone was talking about!
John Wick brings the unique world of the Ven back to RinCon with the Houses of the Blooded LARP. Houses of the Blooded is a fantastic RPG of a decadent culture of ambition, romance, revenge, art and politics, in which the players take on the roles of nobility engaging in a deadly game of espionage, sabotage and assassination. In the LARP, all the major players gather together…secrets will be exposed and grudges will be carried out. No prior experience is needed to play and characters will be provided.

Make New Gamers!
Starts at: Sunday Noon
Ends at: Sunday 2pm

How do you introduce new players to gaming? Not with huge rule books and dinosaur games, that’s for sure. Game Designer John Wick talks about bringing new players into the hobby, introducing children to roleplaying and other ways to make new gamers.

RinCon 2010 Schedule!
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