You can read his words–in context–here.

"I’ve got the solution to all this. I’ve got the solution to most crime in America. From this day forward, somebody propose it, liberals should not be allowed to buy guns. It’s just that simple. Liberals should have their speech controlled and not be allowed to buy guns. I mean if we want to get serious about this, if we want to face this head on, we’re gonna have to openly admit, liberals should not be allowed to buy guns, nor should they be allowed to use computer keyboards or typewriters, word processors or e-mails, and they should have their speech controlled. If we did those three or four things, I can’t tell you what a sane, calm, civil, fun-loving society we would have. Take guns out of the possession, out of the hands of liberals, take their typewriters and their keyboards away from ‘em, don’t let ‘em anywhere near a gun, and control their speech. You would wipe out 90% of the crime, 85 to 95% of the hate, and a hundred percent of the lies from society."

If you are a conservative/tea party/republican/whatever, DARE YOU to post a disagreement with this statement.


Be public about it. Post the same link, the same words, and say, "Rush Limbaugh is wrong about this."

Go on.

Because if you don’t, I’ll assume you don’t disagree with him.

Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Should Not Be Allowed Guns or Free Speech
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