I have a Mac Mini. It makes an adorable little sound when you feed it CDs. I can translate Mac to English.

“Feed me more CDs,” it says to me. (Stolen from Tom Waits.)

The CD she gave me goes into the Mac Mini. I’m half-expecting the thing to explode. It whirs. It says hello to the mysterious CD. Then, in my menu, my Mac Mini tells me I can read it.

There’s a .txt file and a .doc file there. The .txt file says, “Read me first.” I double click.

The document has four words and an e-mail address. That’s it. It’s a code. I know it. I decipher it in a heartbeat.

I close that and look at the .doc file. I know why she thought she needed my permission. But, she doesn’t. Not really. I stole it from Alex.

Double-click on the .doc. I read through it. When I’m done, I find myself smiling.

I open my e-mail and type in the address. I include only one word.


Strange, Part 3
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