So we’re here at the end and I saved the hardest for the last.

Sean (The Enemy) gave me a blank sheet for the last one. "A Pathfinder."

That’s it. Oh, and he comes from the big capital city of Absalom, which means our Pathfinder could be just about anyone.

Yeah. The Enemy wasn’t doing me any favors, but since I agreed to do a favor for him by taking on a bunch of extra work, I may as well demonstrate his own inherent weaknesses by making this blank page NPC as awesome as I could!

I also wanted to end with a Rush song. So, I went through my catalogue and started sorting through appropriate songs. I was also limited by the songs available on Youtube. If I can’t share the song, I can’t use it.

My first choice was a song from the Presto album called "Available Light." Rush doesn’t really do "beautiful" songs–most of them are just awesome!–but this one easily fits that category. I love that song. The lyrics sing to me and the music is just… well, beautiful.

And, much to my chagrin, Available Light is not available on Youtube.

So, I look some more. Pathfinders are all about travel. That’s why I wanted "Available Light." But, that’s not available, so move on to something else. A song about moving and travel. Neil writes a lot of lyrics about that.

And as I was thinking, offered a great suggestion. A Pathfinder who, in his journeys, taught a young boy how to use a sword… and then discovered later that the boy died protecting his village from monsters.

Cruel, cruel suggestion… but it got me thinking. Strangely enough, it got me thinking about Andy Griffith.

I loved that Andy Griffith was "the sheriff without a gun." Andy never carried a gun. Didn’t see any reason he had to. And so, I got on the idea of a Pathfinder Without a Sword. Not only that, but a Pathfinder who used to travel the world looking for fame and fortune and adventure… but then found this little town in the middle of nowhere. And he stopped there. Met a nice girl. Fell in love. Started a family. And now, he doesn’t go anywhere. The town doesn’t really have a sheriff. Nope. It’s got a Pathfinder. A Pathfinder Without a Sword.

So, that killed the Rush idea… but not really. There’s another beautiful Rush song that fit him perfectly. As I was doing the write-up, I stuck that on repeat and let it go…

* * *

Welcome to Baniff’s Bluff, stranger. A small town, a friendly town, named for a hand of cards that won the town from it’s owner.

I see you’re carrying weapons. No need for those here. Trust me. You can put them away. Nobody here is going to bother you. I trust you saw the sign on your way in. "All weapons bound before entering." And I know you probably think those are just words up there. Those aren’t just words. No, there’s no law that says you have to put them away. I’d just like it if you would.

Yes, we do get orks here from time to time, but not much anymore. In fact, about the only time they show up is when it gets real cold and they need blankets and food. We help them out as much as we can.

You heard me right. We help them out. Why not? They’re hurting and needing a little warmth in this cold world. Even orks. And when summer comes, they always help us out with the trolls. Yessir, just a little warmth makes the whole world go ’round a little easier.

Yeah, that’s a Pathfinder badge I’m wearing. Kind of a memento. Gave it up a long time ago. Traded it for a good woman. And speaking of good women, here’s my wife. She made a couple of pies this morning. Fresh from the oven. The Tollridge farm over there always has chilled milk. Goes great with pie. Why don’t you boys just put those swords away and come with me. We’ll get you and your horses fed. Meantime, you just sit back and relax. If any trouble shows up, me and my boys will take care of it. If you like, you could throw in a hand.

We’d appreciate it.

The Paizo Project, Part 8 (The End)
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