Last night I helped playtest Savage Rifts over at Shane Hensley’s place.

My character was a cyber-knight named Kibwe Gitau. Originally from Africa, a member of the Maasai tribe, he was captured from his homeland and brought to the Vampire Kingdoms as a slave. However, in trying to escape, he encountered a Rift. He had a vision from Enkai, the god of his people. Enkai told him he was to be a champion of all that was good and just. And when he emerged from the rift, he was a cyber knight. He spent the next few years helping others escape the Vampire Kingdoms, but eventually, his reputation caught up with him and he had to leave.

He fought in the War of Tolkeen, but on the wrong side. A fact he realized a little too late. As penance for his sins, he wandered the Earth Wasteland alone. Until he heard of a city that stood for freedom and hope and making a new future from the rubble. Enkai told him, “Go there.” And so he has joined other pilgrims to this holy place. Once there, he will help protect it until Enkai deems he is done with this world and it is time to move on to the next.

* * *

Yes, they’ve addressed Mega Damage and it’s really quite clever and elegant.


Savage Rifts, No Spoilers

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  • He wandered the earth…like Jules Winnfield. 🙂 Very excited for this!

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