Tonight we suspended the Kickstarter for War of the Cross. We are deeply saddened to have to do so, but we are committed to providing quality projects to all of our backers. Thank you to all of our fans who supported this project, and all of our other projects.

Here is the full update that was posted on Kickstarter:

To all our backers,

We deeply regret to inform you that we must, once again, cancel the Kickstarter for War of the Cross.  

After our first Kickstarter for the project failed, we did our best to take the feedback we received from the community and make the necessary adjustments to help ensure its success, as well as to attempt an expanded marketing push on the game’s behalf. But we’re now forced to acknowledge that those efforts were ultimately not enough to attract the kind of response we needed to make this project viable, from either the existing 7th Sea fan community or the strategy board game community in general.  

It is possible that we may barely hit our funding goal for the project. But after seeing the second round of feedback, we’re now also concerned that enough work needs to be done on the game that our funding goal would not be sufficient to pay for the additional development costs, additional production, marketing, printing, and shipping, especially given the amount of resources we have already committed to fulfilling on our other Kickstarters.  

To be clear, we haven’t given up on War of the Cross—we think it’s a solid design that deserves to be put out into the world in some form, and we’re committed to finding some kind of solution down the road in that regard. But right now, we feel the right thing to do is to close this out and go back to the drawing board.  

We know this is going to be disappointing for many of you, and we apologize sincerely for that. We’re eternally grateful for your support and commitment, and your patience with us even as we make mistakes and continue to learn from them. We hope that one day, we’ll be able to make something out of War of the Cross that you’re going to love.

Thank you.

War of the Cross Kickstarter Suspended