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Happy New Year!

2017 is well under way, and we hope you’ve got some good gaming sessions scheduled ahead. Here’s what we’ve been playing at John Wick Presents:

Mendez, one of our 7th Sea staff writers, has launched a Masks campaign for Dungeon Elementary, a game store group he runs for younger players. Mendez says they’re taking to the system like superheroes!

Dan runs a Call of Cthulhu game every Sunday. He’s currently pulling inspiration from the Tanis podcast and Lovecraft’s The Shadow Out of Time novel.

Dan and Fabien share a gaming group with John, where they’ve been playing an Ars Magica game run by Pirate Nations developer Ben Woerner. Their group has been going strong for 8 years now—a show of true scheduling commitment.

When Ben’s not running Ars Magica, he’s running side campaigns of Legend of the Five Rings and playing D&D 5e in the Birthright campaign setting. Fabien’s also running sessions of Legend of the Five Rings, in addition to sessions of 7th Sea 2e.

Finally, Hannah’s in season 3 of a long-running Monsterhearts campaign, played in the same town with new characters and a new dramatic plot arc each season. It looks like this season the masked Tyrant will finally be revealed. Are the protagonists ready for its unveiling?

What have you been playing this winter? What games are you looking forward to playing this year?

What We’re Playing

5 thoughts on “What We’re Playing

  • Our weekly game right now is FATE, but we did a few sessions of 7th Sea 2Ed. over the holidays. I’m changing my 7th Sea 1Ed. Space Opera game to use the 2Ed. rules, and will be running it at a couple of cons coming up

  • 2 tables of 7th sea 1st Edition (with home made rules and some new idea from the 2nd edition). 7th sea Larp planned in august.

  • We’ve been playing a GURPS Infinite Worlds game for several months as we developed two new players, lost one, and found an old friend who was looking to start gaming again. We’re looking forward to finishing the first, main, story arc in it in the next month or so then switching back to our GURPS Teen Supers game for another story.

  • We have been playing The One Ring. Also been making our way through EN world’s Zeitgeist campaign using Pathfinder. And as always, we do FATE. Been thinking of starting a Masks campaign as well in near future, as if we don’t have enough going on.

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